The Aging Journey

Aging well can be a fun and exciting time in one's life.  Over the next 50 years the aging population will triple. There will be more people over 65 years of age than younger people.  We must begin to understand this process and prepare ourselves for what to expect.  Aging well is the key and can be accomplished by:

- Developing a plan to grow old.

- Maintaining a physically active lifestyle by engaging in walking and weight training programs.  This will allow for the building of strength and balance.

- Maintaining a proper diet.  This will help fight most illnesses or at least reverse them in a timely manner.

- Maintaining social contacts.

- Maintaining positive mental and spiritual outlooks.


SO-ACT provides hands-on guidance in the planning process to aging.

Our Services


- Utilize Community Resources

- Network with Agencies Serving the Elderly

- The Rights of Older Adults

- Dispose of Medications

- Fraud / Exploitation

- Elder Abuse

- Neglect

 Consulting and Training

- Creating an Aging Plan

- Obtaining Guardianship

- Obtaining Power of Attorney

- Motivation to Age Well

- Partnering in Your Own Health 

- Housing & Community Involvement

- Caring for Mom/Dad

- Make Room:  My Parents are Moving in

- Who Moved My Stuff

- Fall Prevention

- Going to the Doctor with Mom and Dad

- Understanding Medication

- Planning for Final Wishes